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Recommended Media Series Part 1

Recommended Media Series: Miss Representation

Consider adding additional depth to a discussion or inquiry into feminism, gender, or sexuality in the classroom through Part 1 of WILLA’s  Recommended Media Series. Part 1: The film, Miss Representation, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in April 2011 and put a larger societal movement in motion, currently visible through social media to affirm … Continue reading



Join WILLA for two fantastic speakers during the 2013 NCTE Annual Convention in the Sheraton/Beacon Room, 3rd Floor at 5:45 PM. The first presenter in this session, Kristen Pastore-Capuana will examine how the English classroom space can be one of invigorating dialogue, composition, inquiry, and meaning making, but often inclusion English classrooms are more “back-to-basics” … Continue reading